Welcome to the course CNET204 - Introduction to Web Design.

In Introduction to Web Design, we will learn the basics of how to
design websites with a professional appearance. We will also learn how to keep
websites current with effective content management techniques.

Some of the topics covered in CNET204 will include:

  • Web access and browsing
  • Web page development in XHTML and Adobe CS4
  • Essentials of styling with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Web site deployment and maintenance.
  • Students will integrate all of the above skills by completing a web development project.

I want to learn how to design a web page.  I have no previous experience in web development.  I am fascinated by the way the web works.  I am looking forward to design my own web site, and the final term project that I will be assigned.  My interests are watching T.V, going to the mall at Christmas, and spending time outside with my kids in the summer time.  In the summer time I go to the center island, African lion safari etc.  These are some of the attractions that I visit during the summer time.  My hobbies include fixing things that are broken.



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