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The Global Citizenship and Equity require students to develop global citizenship and equity knowledge, skills and abilities as it relates to sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis, and enhanced personal and social responsibility. Students also have the option of developing a Global Skills Electronic Portfolio (GSeP).
Artifacts are selected from assignments, projects and/or activities that students complete as part of their academic course work as well as co-curricular activities and other opportunities during their educational experience at Centennial College.
Upon completion of their program of study, students will receive a GCE notation on their transcript indicating completion of the Global Citizenship & Equity Portfolio.
The development of a portfolio is a process of documenting your learning. Each item selected for inclusion in the portfolio demonstrates growth and understanding of Global Citizenship & Equity(GCE) within a program of study. The Global Skills Portfolio is a visual representation of the student’s GCE experiences, knowledge, skills, and demonstrates their learning as it relates to personal and social responsibilities in our inter-connected world. Global Citizenship and Equity learning allow you to further develop the following skills:
Enact Global Solutions
Communicate Ideas: Connect and collaborate across boundaries
Investigate the World: Produce new global knowledge
Recognize Perspectives: Apply cross-cultural understanding
Adapted from Asia Society: Partnership for Global Learning.

I chose Sahrawi refugees for my GC&E assignment.  They are living in Sahara Desert in South-western Algeria in five camps close to town of Tindouf.  They need external humanitarian assistance from donors.   They are getting funding from the UN World Food Program(WFP),UN Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) but the funding is not enough for the basic necessity such as food.  They have been displaced from their home because of horrific actions of Boko Haram as well as government counter-insurgencies.  They also have problem with population growth which is expected to double in the next 20 years.
Here are some of the problems:
23.5 million people face food insecurity
 5.9 million children are malnourished
 4.5 million are displaced by the effects of conflicts
three staple products of wheat flour, vegetable oil, and rice are quickly running out
 funding shortfall of $10 million for the next six months

My personal reflection is that people should donate some money if they could to help with the issue.  If people could only donate $100 month to the issue that will be very helpful in a third world country.  The  Shawari refugee should have some birth control practice to curb the population growth.  The UN should set up some website for people to donate some money and the issue should be raised over the television channels.  They should provide education to the Algeria people, so they don’t end up committing horrific crimes.

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